February 17, 2021

Post in News by Gabriel Catalani

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, February 17, 2021 – Aura Minerals Inc. (TSX: ORA) (“Aura” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Kevin Shiell, a professional with 28 years of leadership experience with underground mining companies, has been appointed as the new General Manager of the Company’s Gold Road project, located in Arizona, United States, as of March 1, 2021.

Kevin has experience with Gold Road, having worked there early in his career. After his time at Gold Road in the early 1990s, Kevin went on to serve as a vice president at Hecla Nevada. He also served as General Manager of Klondex Gold & Silver, Dynatec Corporation, and Addwest Minerals.

In addition to his management skills gained from a long career in leadership roles, Kevin has significant experience in long-term planning, environmental management, permitting, working with communities and external stakeholder management. Kevin also has substantial expertise in narrow vein mining.

Rodrigo Barbosa, CEO of Aura Minerals, comments: “We have been carefully searching and interviewing candidates. Kevin brings both high safety standards with technical expertise for underground mines, as well as local geology knowledge and great managerial skills at several companies, most recently with Hecla. I welcome Kevin to the team, and I expect he will not only achieve Aura’s standards but will also be able to help us advance production for us to achieve our expansion plans at Gold Road.”

About Aura 360° Mining

Aura is focused on mining in complete terms – thinking holistically about how its business impacts and benefits every one of our stakeholders: our company, our shareholders, our employees, and the countries and communities we serve. Our mission is to find, mine and deliver the planet’s most important and essential minerals that enable the world and humankind to create, innovate, and prosper and our vision is to be one of the most trusted, responsible, well respected and results driven mining companies. We call this 360° Mining.

Aura is a mid-tier gold and copper production company focused on the development and operation of gold and base metal projects in the Americas. The Company’s producing assets include the San Andres gold mine in Honduras, the Ernesto/Pau-a -Pique gold mine in Brazil, the Aranzazu copper-gold-silver mine in Mexico and one pre-operational gold mine in the United States, Gold Road. In addition, the Company has two additional gold projects in Brazil, Almas and Matupá, and one gold project in Colombia, Tolda Fria.

For further information, please visit Aura’s website at www.auraminerals.com or contact:

Rodrigo Barbosa

President & CEO