July 15, 2022

Post in News by Gabriel Catalani

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, July 15, 2022 – Aura Minerals Inc. (TSX: ORA, B3: AURA33) (“Aura” or the “Company”) is pleased to release its 2021 Sustainability Report. The report underscores the Company’s commitment to being an innovative, safe, responsible, and sustainable mining Company, and highlights initiatives planned across eight ESG Pillars. The Report is available at Aura’s website, on https://auraminerals.com/community/our-commitment/.

This is the second consecutive year that Aura has published its sustainability report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, which encompasses performance on economic, environmental, and social aspects.

Highlights of the 2021 Sustainability Report include:

  • Implementing the Action Plan for the Advancement of Women in Mining in Brazil, developed by Women in Mining (WiM), across all the countries in which it operates.
  • Committing to the participation of at least 40% of women in recruitment and selection processes for administrative positions and the recent hire of a woman as General Manager for the Almas Project, which is currently under construction.
  • Mapping Aura’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions.
  • Establishing a decarbonization plan with the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 5% from 2020 levels by 2023.
  • Offering 10,000 hours of training in Compliance, Ethics, and use of the whistle-blowing channel to employees.


Rodrigo Barbosa, CEO of Aura, commented: “The Aura 360 concept involves our commitment to the ESG agenda. Aura is taking important steps towards consolidating our ESG strategy. While there is more progress ahead, I am very proud of the achievements we made toward our goal of becoming one of the most respected and admired companies on the sector.”


About Aura 360° Mining

Aura is focused on mining in complete terms – thinking holistically about how our business impacts and benefits every one of our stakeholders: our company, our shareholders, our employees, and the countries and communities we serve. Our mission is to find, mine and deliver the planet’s most important and essential minerals that enable the world and humankind to create, innovate, and prosper. Our vision is to be one of the most trusted, responsible, well respected and results driven mining companies. This is what we call 360° Mining.

Aura is a mid-tier gold and copper producer focused in the Americas. The Company’s producing assets include the San Andres gold mine in Honduras, the Ernesto/Pau-a -Pique gold mine in Brazil, and the Aranzazu copper-gold-silver mine in Mexico. In addition, the Company has multiple gold development projects including, Almas and Matupá in Brazil, one gold project in Colombia, Tolda Fria and the Gold Road mine in Arizona, United States, currently in care & maintenance.

For further information, please visit Aura’s website at www.auraminerals.com or contact:

Rodrigo Barbosa
President & CEO