At Aura Minerals, corporate responsibility is essential for our organization. It guides us in our everyday activities and plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of our actions. Aura Minerals is committed to sustainable development, the protection of human life, the preservation of the environment and the improvement of communities where the Company operates. The Company demonstrates this commitment through corporate responsibility strategies and sustainable growth aligned with all corporate responsibility practices.

It is from this leadership frame of mind that the Company prioritizes community development and engagement within its four core corporate social responsibility principles, which include:

  • Adopting a strategic approach
  • Encouraging community participation and engagement
  • Working in partnership
  • Sustainable Support

These guiding principles will be applied through adherence to internationally accepted guidelines and standards and assurance of a continued effort to integrate corporate frameworks and policies into practice. The Company has built and will continue to maintain sufficient capacity to provide the necessary tools for all employees, contractors and consultants to be aware of their roles and responsibilities with respect to sustainability and community development and engagement.

Community Engagement

Creating lasting relationships with local communities that are built on mutual respect and trust, to reach agreed objectives and shared involvement in projects is a key corporate responsibility priority for the Company.

Aura Minerals has designed and is implementing a community engagement plan at each project or operation site, which will include (at minimum) the following components:

  • Community identification and analysis, stakeholder mapping and engagement with key stakeholders to identify and understand their interests and key concerns.
  • Information disclosure in accessible venues and meaningful formats that can be easily understood by local communities.
  • Proactive community consultation ensuring an open dialogue between the Company and its stakeholders.
    Beyond consultation, a willingness to negotiate and build partnerships to reach mutually accepted outcomes.
  • Ensuring there is a grievance management mechanism in place to receive and respond to complaints and that concerns are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Encouraging community participation in the monitoring of social and environmental commitments made by the Company, and retaining external organizations for monitoring where it can enhance assurance and credibility.

Community Development

Aura Minerals has designed and is implementing a community development plan at each project or operation site which provides opportunities for communities with interests in our operations to share in the benefits resulting from our activities, including capacity-building social investment projects. The types of social investment projects implemented by the Company to date include:

  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Production Initiatives
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Environmental Conservatism

Community development must encompass the improvement and broadening of resources and skills of a local community; its organization, and its interaction with the outside world. Priority is to be given to sustainable programs which could conceivably continue beyond mine closure without the ongoing support, leadership, and financial reinforcement from the Company.