360° mining also supports our desire to be in a constant state of evolution – looking for ways to get better at what we do and build a stronger, smarter, and sustainable mining company.

360 Mining

We are engaged, thoughtful and respectful of the communities where we do business – whether in corporate offices or in our mining operations.

We honor and celebrate the diversity of the communities in which we reside and serve and always seek ways we promote community care in every part of the world we operate: from Toronto to Miami, and across Brazil, Mexico and Honduras.

We will build a sustainable business where we think global and act local to care for and optimize the environment.


From leadership to management and across all aspects of our organization, we will be a disciplined, well-managed company always seeking ways we can improve how we work, how we communicate, how we optimize our teams, departments and how we work together as one, unified organization.

We will be a fiscally responsible company always seeking to control costs, drive profitability, make smart project investments and achieve responsible growth that is consistent with our values and what we stand for.

Innovation and new ideas are an essential part of who we are and what we do. Our corporate office in the heart of downtown Miami underscores Aura as a modern, dynamic, and future-focused company.

We encourage intelligent risk-taking to reap rewards and drive business growth.

And, we will ‘never settle’ always searching for continuous improvement in our business while optimizing and leveraging our diversified assets.


As a mining business, safety is an absolute priority. Before we think about any aspect of our business – our mines, our company, business profit, or anything else, we put the interests of our people first.

Safety for us means zero incidents and we will work hard every day to ensure that we achieve this goal.

Our business operates on the principle of meritocracy to enable personal growth, empowerment and opportunity.

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These principles provide the foundation for current and future corporate responsibility activities.

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