Who are we

Aura 360 Culture

Aura 360 Culture

Everyday mankind creates, innovates and prospers from the minerals we offer to the world. However, as important as WHAT we do is HOW we do it.
That is why we cultivate such a strong culture called Aura 360, that brings a wide and careful point of view over the impacts and benefits of our collaborators, looking through communities and the environment until our own company.

Our culture is tangible by our mandala, divided into three axes - represented by colors - and three hoops, representing our audience (external hoop), values (middle hoop) and practices (inner hoop).

This is a representation of what binds us, no matter the unit or country in which we act, strengthening our business and contributing for a better world today and tomorrow.


Find, mine and deliver the planet's most important and essential minerals that enable the world and humankind to create, innovate, and prosper. 


Be one of the most trusted, responsible, well respected and results driven mining companies.


People first
Respect and care
Ethical management and Innovation.

Our plan of sustainable growth

Assets and High Quality Projects

Value generation with high quality assets and project development capable of expansion.

Robust financial statement

Low leverage, wide relationship with banks and growing free cash flow to support sustainable growth.

Strong Team and Culture

Strong team and culture that support the business evolution through the decentralization of decisions and the commitment to excellence.