July 02, 2020

Post by Fabio

Fabio was appointed a director in early 2020. Fabio has 20 years of experience in positions bridging the gap between business and technology. Mr Ribeiro has led diverse teams at the dawn of the internet, helping pioneer Brazil’s iconic ISP, iG, founded and exited a successful business in the aviation industry, SOL, and went on to start Neptuno in 2005, a multi-strategy fund focused in technology and forward-thinking investing. In the last few years, Fabio led Neptuno into the VC space with a clear vision of empowering entrepreneurs working at the convergence of exponential technologies. In 2019 Fabio co-founded TUZ Ventures —  an early-stage tech VC fund focused is Central Asia.

Fabio holds a BA degree from FAAP, São Paulo, a Master in Economics from Bocconi, Milan, and an Interactive Media/Game Design MFA from the University of Miami. He currently also serves on the boards of the Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing and the School of Communications at the University of Miami. Fun fact, Fabio is a certified helicopter and airplane pilot.